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The Wastewater Division is responsible for maintaining and servicing 127 miles of sanitary sewer pipe and 2,839 manholes. Aggressive maintenance by wastewater staff results in several benefits to Derby residents.
  • Citizens experience very few blockages and flooding, and Derby's insurer considers Derby a low risk, which keeps premiums lower.
  • The entire sewer main collection system has been mapped by GIS, which allows staff to identify the history of all pieces of the sewer collection system.

Treatment Facility
Wastewater is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city's treatment facility. This facility is designed for 2.5 millions gallons of flow per day, with expansion capabilities to handle flows well into the future. The facility is authorized to discharge under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and meets or exceeds all Kansas Department of Health and Environment and/or Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

Sewer Rates (Effective November 1, 2016)
Residential Rates
City average is $22.99 ($7.28 for sewer and $15.71 for sewer user) for residential customers who have not established their own average.

If an average has been established (based on average consumption billed for January, February and March), that average is multiplied by $1.63/thousand gallons.

Commercial Rates
Sewer is $1.63/thousand gallons according to each month's consumption. Sewer user is based on the following table:

Less than 5,000 gallons
5,001 to 10,000 gallons
10,001 to 25,000 gallons $67.13
25,001 to 50,000 gallons
50,001 to 75,000 gallons
75,001 to 100,000 gallons
More than 100,000 gallons

Jason Bradshaw, Utilities Manager
Jason Bradshaw

Utilities Manager
611 Mulberry Road  Suite 300
Derby, KS 67037-3533

Ph: 316-788-1151
Fx: 316-788-3236
Emergency: 911
City of Derby
City of Derby
611 Mulberry Road
Suite 300
Derby, KS 67037-3533
Ph: 316-788-1519