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Spring Into Art Vendor Artist Application

  1. Power Needed*

  2. Booth Fees

    Booth fee is $25. We will send a link to pay using PayPal or upon approval you can mail a check to the address below. Please note, event will follow COVID social distancing guidelines. If we are unable to hold the event due to COVID restrictions or inclement weather, booth fees will be refunded. Fees will not be refunded for any other reasons.

  3. Pay by Check

    Mail checks to: City of Derby Attn: Janae' Springer 611 Mulberry Rd. Suite 300 Derby, KS 67037

  4. Release

    In consideration of my participation in this activity, I hereby release and discharge the City of Derby and all persons connected with this activity from any and all issues arising from illness, injuries and damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in this activity. I also understand that the City of Derby is not responsible for any cost incurred for medical services while participating in this activity, or loss of merchandise while exhibiting. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and regulations concerning this activity.

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