Bronze Sculpture: Answering the Alarm

Answering the AlarmA city’s architecture, public art, and landscaping reflect its values. Visitors to Derby often comment on its beautiful green spaces. Recent park additions of Madison Avenue Central Park and Warren Riverview Park have added to the local landscape.When the new Fire Station 81 opened on July 5, 2019, it was a welcome addition as well as the new bronze sculpture, Answering the Alarm.  

Fire Station 81, located at the corner of Madison & Woodlawn, includes this original life-size bronze of running firefighters sculpted by Derby artist John Parsons. The sculpture is in front of a “wall of fire” light feature and surrounded by landscaping to further the growing beauty of Madison Avenue and solidify this core area of Derby as the heart of the city.

Thank you to our generous donors:
City of Derby, Austin Family of Firefighters: Ted & Patty Austin, Jerry & Merilyn Austin, Brad & Rebecca Austin, Wayne & Debbi Stout, John & Diana Unkel

Derby Volunteer Fire Department, Pat & Susan Swaney, Bill & Reba Smith

Charlie & Rebah Hubbard, Richard & Vanetta Standrich Family, Vaughn & Sue Nun, David & Jane Polk, Becky Loosen, Diane Schmitt, Brad & Christy Smith, Randy & Pam White

Rockford EHU, Ken & Diane Mulanax, City of Derby Department Directors, Lisa Kraemer, Eric & Kathy Sexton, Margaret Parsons,Clinton Charvet, Bob & Vicki Rice, Roger Campbell, Jan English, Jack & Evelyn Allen, Kay Daniels, Pattie Payne, Marilyn Shaw