Animal Waste


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Pet owners in Derby must pick up their dog's waste on public property and property of others. Pet waste is not just a nuisance, it can host diseases or parasites that can infect other pets and people who come into contact with it. Pet waste biodegrades very slowly and is not good fertilizer.

What can residents do?

When walking, take plastic bags with you when you walk your dog. Use a bag to pick up the dog waste. Tie bag closed and place it in the trash.

What are these eye-catching signs I'm seeing near the hike and bike paths?

Many cities simply post a sign inscribed with a hefty fine amount and long ordinance number referring to an animal waste ordinance. Instead, Derby used the creative design talents of the Public Works sign shop to provide an eye-catching way to communicate the message to pick up after our pets. Derby infused its signs with unique artistic and cultural messages and with quick response (QR) code technology to remind pet owners to pick up after their pets.

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animal waste qr code.jpgThe QR code located on each sign links directly to the animal waste ordinance. The quick response code is a two-dimensional bar code that is widely used to cause a webpage to open when scanned with a mobile tagging app. You may download a QR code scanner for free on your smartphone or tablet. Start by scanning this code on the screen or any sign around town.

Tips for pet owners

Do not flush pet waste down the toilet
Septic systems and wastewater treatment plants are not designed to treat dog or cat waste.

Watch what you feed your pet

What goes in must come out....The type of food you give your pet will affect the quantity of pet waste you must deal with. Rice based food is most easily digested. Consult your vet if you have questions.

Control where your pet relieves himself

Wherever you are this is a good idea; at home or out and about. Pet waste needs to be scooped!