Volunteer Firefighter

  • New applicants are interviewed by command staff. If they are accepted by staff, a background check is run to ensure you have a valid driver's license and no outstanding warrants.
  • A Fit for Duty form must be filled out and signed by a physician.
  • Applicants must attend a minimum of 80+ hours of basic firemanship and training. This is normally done 4-6 hours a week on Saturday morning. A new class starts each January.
  • Applicants must obtain a State of Kansas Firefighter I Certificate. Testing will be done at the end of the 80+ hours of firemanship and training.
  • New firefighters are probationary until they have met their minimum of 80+ hours basic/orientation training and obtained Firefighter I certification. You have one year to obtain the FF I certification.
  • Probationary firefighters must also be able to pass a physical agility test given after the 80+ hours of training. This test is required yearly of all firefighters who wear air packs and enter environments that are dangerous to life and health.
  • Volunteer firefighters are required to attend as many of the bi-monthly training meetings as possible, as well as perform a minimum of 12 hours per month of scheduled on duty time.
  • Most importantly, volunteer firefighters need to be able to answer calls when needed.

Volunteer Firefighter Application