Register and Start Your Business

Welcome to the Derby business community. The City of Derby values the strong and growing business community and the goods and services businesses provide for the community.

Business Registration Requirements

Derby Municipal Code requires businesses operating within the city limits to register their business with City Hall.

Who needs to register?

Doing business in Derby means doing any of the following within the corporate city limits of the city of Derby, Kansas: (1) Engaging in or conducting business transactions; or (2) Maintaining an office; or (3) Maintaining a retail or wholesale outlet; or (4) Maintaining a business address.

Registering Your Business is Easy!

  1. Complete a business registration application.
  2. Submit the application and $20 fee to the Development Manager at City Hall.
  3. The application will be reviewed by the Development Manager and Zoning Administrator.
  4. Upon approval, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an inspection. Inspections will be conducted by the Fire Department and Building Trades Official for businesses operating in commercial zoning districts. Home Occupation businesses zoned residential do not require an inspection unless the business is registered as a day care.
  5. After inspections are completed, a business registration card will be issued and mailed to the business owner/manager.
  6. Business registrations are valid from the date of issuance until December 31.
  7. Businesses are required to renew their registration each year. If you close your business, notify the Development Manager.

What to Consider Before Registering

Review Article 4 of the zoning regulations to determine if your business will be permitted at the desired location; review Article 6 for Home Occupation authorization. You will also find regulations pertaining to screening & landscaping, off-street parking and signs within the zoning regulations.

Will a permit be required?
Permanent Sign - complete a sign application and submit to City Hall.
Temporary Sign - complete a temporary sign application and submit to City Hall.
Remodeling - complete a commercial building permit application and submit to City Hall.

Will a license be required?

  • Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) license
    1. Complete the appropriate CMB application from the Alcoholic Beverage Control website.
    2. Submit the application, a color copy of the driver's license of each individual listed on the application and the license fee to the Development Manager at City Hall
      • On-premise license $250
      • Off-premise license $100

Starting Your Business

The Derby Business Center offers access to many business resources and services on site or electronically to assist with starting your business. Use the Small Business Tip Sheet as a quick-start guide. The Business Center is located at the Derby Public Library, 1600 E. Walnut Grove Rd.

After researching your business idea and reviewing the Derby Business Center resources, visit the Kansas Department of Revenue website to register your business. For more information about establishing and maintaining a business in Kansas, the Kansas Business Center provides an excellent one-stop shop about planning a business, registering a business, operating a business, closing a business, and moving a business to Kansas.

Once you have established a business account with the Kansas Department of Revenue, remember to register your business with the City of Derby as outlined above.

Business Resources

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